With growing communities and aging infrastructure, many communities are faced with capacity issues in wastewater lagoon cells. Clean Water Pro’s proven treatment plan can reduce your sludge in less than 5 years and save you millions of dollars. Once we have measured your lagoon sludge and have a profile created, we can prepare a strategic treatment plan to reduce the sludge by 25% in a 20-week period. Our treatments consist of environmentally friendly beneficial bacteria and enzymes that are proven to reduce the sludge in your cell.

Lagoon Measuring

Do you know how much sludge is in your lagoon?

Our field staff will come to your wastewater lagoon and precisely measure how much sludge has accumulated at the bottom of your lagoon. You’ll receive a report and a treatment plan to reduce the sludge. We are also available for hire, and our team will implement the treatment plan.

Lagoon Sludge Reduction

We’ll precisely measure the sludge accumulation at the bottom of the lagoon. We can prepare a strategic reduction plan once we have measured the amount of sludge in the cell. The sludge levels can drop by 25% in just 20 weeks. Most clients can expect the lagoon to be reduced to a maintenance level in as little as four years at a fraction of the cost of dredging or dewatering the lagoon.

Aeration Design, Installation, and Maintenance

Clean Water Pro designs, installs and maintains water aeration systems. The main advantage of a properly aerated lagoon system is reducing the need for frequent sludge removal. Since a large portion of the municipal wastewater consists of biodegradable organic carbon matter, much of the settled sludge in the lagoon can be quickly decomposed by active aerobic or oxygen using professional concentrated beneficial bacteria. If sufficient oxygen is not present in the ponds, the sludge layer will not biodegrade quickly enough to keep the sludge levels at a manageable level. Aeration will provide much needed dissolved oxygen to assist the aerobic bacteria in digesting the organics in the cell. Aeration can help promote evaporation, reducing the amount of effluent that requires releasing.

Full-Service Wastewater Management

Full-service wastewater lagoon management includes an evaluation of the cell to measure sludge levels. From there, we prepare a strategic treatment plan to decrease the sludge in all areas of the wastewater cell.

This service includes both lagoon measuring and lagoon sludge reduction. This gold standard service ensures effective outcomes in a timely matter.

Leachate Waste Pond Remediation Service

Welcome to Clean Water Pro’s Leachate Waste Pond Remediation Service, where we employ state-of-the-art techniques to revitalize environmental health. Leachate waste ponds, often associated with landfill sites, can accumulate pollutants over time, posing significant challenges. Our specialized service leverages the power of aeration and bioremediation to address and resolve these environmental concerns effectively.

Key Features of Our Remediation Service:

Aeration Techniques: Our advanced aeration methods infuse oxygen into the leachate waste pond, fostering aerobic conditions that promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms. This accelerates the breakdown of organic matter and contaminants.

Bioremediation Expertise: We harness the natural power of microorganisms to degrade and metabolize pollutants within the leachate. Introducing specific strains of bacteria and heavy metal binding agents to enhance biological activity, converting harmful substances into less toxic byproducts.

Benefits of Our Leachate Waste Pond Remediation:

Efficient Contaminant Breakdown:  Aeration and bioremediation amplify one another to enhance the efficiency of contaminant breakdown, addressing a wide spectrum of pollutants in the leachate.

Sustainable Approach: Our remediation process minimizes the need for harsh chemicals, providing an eco-friendly solution to leachate waste management.

Cost-Effective Solutions: We offer cost-effective alternatives compared to traditional methods, reducing overall expenditure associated with leachate waste pond management.

Why Choose Clean Water Pro:

Expertise: Our team brings extensive expertise in environmental remediation, ensuring a tailored approach to the unique challenges posed by leachate waste ponds.

Environmental Stewardship: We are committed to environmental stewardship, striving to restore the ecological balance of leachate waste ponds while safeguarding surrounding ecosystems.

Proven Results: Explore our Projects Page for real-life examples showcasing the effectiveness of our remediation services.

If your facility grapples with leachate waste pond challenges, partner with Clean Water Pro for a sustainable and efficient remediation solution. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and embark on a journey toward a healthier and more environmentally friendly waste management approach.

Expected Outcomes


Up to 25% sludge reduction in one season


4-5 years to reach maintenance level


Detailed mapping


Strategic treatment targeting


Reduced odour

View Our Wastewater Lagoon Projects.

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