Founder Story

Back in 2002, we officially started the Riverdale saga as Riverdale Garden Design, a place where we could put our passion for landscape design to work and improve residential landscapes for Manitobans.

In 2008, Riverdale Supply was born as we became a supplier of premium landscape products specializing in pond and patio supplies.

In 2014, Riverdale Water Management was born out of spiking interest in water remediation for ponds, lakes, dugouts, lagoons, and swimming ponds. From there, murky, contaminated water didn’t stand a chance.

In 2015, we created a dedicated eCommerce brand under the Riverdale Supply umbrella. To this day, is the one-stop shop for top-of-the-line landscape lighting, pond, patio and water treatment products.

In 2016, the Riverdale landscape empire grew from a creek into a rushing river and the Riverdale brand was officially incorporated. Our dedication and hard work were carving out a piece of the embankment in the landscape industry!

In 2017, the ongoing growth and success of Riverdale Water Management was something that needed special attention. We performed a brand overhaul, and Clean Water Pro was born. We were now industry-leading water treatment professionals.

In 2019, we took our professionalism to the highest standard and proudly received our Safe Work Certification. We’ve always held high standards, and now we are recognized for it!

Our Mission

To be Canada’s industry leader in water remediation while using environmentally friendly solutions that positively impact water quality in local areas and downstream.

Our Values

  1. Committed to using the most environmentally friendly water solutions. We offer solutions that are safe for you, your community, and the planet.
  2. Attentively listening to the needs of our clients to design an integrated approach and reach budgets, timelines, and expected outcomes.
  3. Only selling water treatment solutions that we would use in our own ponds. High-quality service and proven effectiveness are far more important than a quick sale.
  4. Discuss water management solutions with our clients to help them manage their water bodies more effectively while improving environmental stewardship and water quality over time.
  5. Benefit the community by remediating stagnant water bodies and improving the water quality in our lakes and ponds.

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