Every pond has unique physical and chemical water composition, which means each water treatment plan will differ depending on the findings during the initial assessment. Physical attributes such as size, depth, and soil type influence water quality in lakes and ponds. The water body solution will depend on the type of water body that needs remediation. However, regardless of water body type, the primary water treatment solution combines an efficient water aeration system and beneficial bacteria treatments.

Clean Water Pro will professionally assess a declining water body by taking a comprehensive approach to the physical, environmental, and chemical composition of the water body, including the surrounding area. This includes a professional assessment presentation to the municipal board or lakeshore community committee. Our water experts have remediated poor water quality in farm ponds, dugouts, lakes, fisheries, community swim ponds, wastewater lagoons, and more. This expertise allows us to create a range of water treatment options for you.

Storm Retention Ponds

Residential Stormwater Retention Ponds in city and town developments can be problematic if not properly managed.

Homeowners around these ponds become very frustrated with the unsightly view and odour emitted from the ponds during the summer months. This is an issue that should be both addressed and solved to maximize homeowner happiness and the surrounding property value. Homeowners associations, commercial developments, and any site with a stormwater retention pond are often responsible for the upkeep and management of these systems, including regular stormwater assessments. Our water experts have over 14 years of experience successfully assessing, recommending, and maintaining storm retention ponds in and around Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba.

Clean Water Pro can manage all your storm retention ponds, providing varied management practices for each pond to achieve the desired outcomes. These objectives include algae management, muck reduction, riparian zone development, water feature installation, and promotion of overall water health.

Dugout Ponds

Dugout ponds are often found on farmland or rural properties. We’ve managed both residential and commercial dugout projects. The main objective that many of our clients seek is to transform their existing (and often unsightly) dugout from an eyesore to an eye-opening feature that can be used for recreational purposes. The primary water treatment solution for dugout ponds is a combination of fine-bubble aeration and all-natural beneficial bacteria treatments. Once ponds have been remediated, clients enjoy swimming, wadding, and immersing themselves in their oasis. This also allows installing an additional water feature like a floating fountain.

Are you looking to make the most out of a dugout pond on your property? Our team will assess your pond and provide a treatment plan you can implement yourself. Alternatively, you can hire us to apply treatments and manage your pond. We always provide our clients with customized and flexible options to fit their goals and budget. Contact us today and let’s discuss your pond.

Wastewater Lagoons

Save money by not having to dredge your primary or secondary lagoon cell using our special formula of bacteria “bugs” and enzymes to quickly break down the sludge in your cell. This formula of beneficial bacteria is 100% environmentally friendly and is proven effective at reducing sludge, thus increasing the cell capacity. Our team strategically applies these treatments for the most effective water solution.

Clean Water Pro will precisely measure the sludge accumulation in the bottom of your primary and secondary lagoon cells, providing you with a map of the bottom sludge. This provides us with the data required to target reduction on the entire cell or in strategic locations.

Once we have measured your lagoon sludge and created a profile, we can prepare a strategic treatment plan to reduce the sludge by 25% in 20 weeks. Our treatments consist of environmentally friendly beneficial bacteria and enzymes proven to reduce the sludge in your cell.

Fishery Lakes

The fishing industry is an integral part of our economy, so it is essential to have healthy water for the fish to thrive in. Manitoba has one of the best trout fisheries globally, drawing tourists in to catch trophy trout.

In order to fully examine the relationship between the various species that are present, we provide a detailed physical and chemical water assessment. This gives the information necessary to make recommendations that will help the fishery thrive.

One issue for fisheries are the dissolved oxygen levels. Low dissolved oxygen levels are one of the most common causes of sudden fish kills. Most fish species require 1mg/l at the very least, however, the dissolved oxygen level should be around 4mg/l to optimize fish health and eliminate stress related disease. In Canada, It will be beneficial to run water aeration throughout the winter as it will have a increased biological oxygen demand. The water aerator will also create a hole in the ice that is essential for safe and healthy fish throughout the winter. with a hole in the ice, the gasses within the water can escape. Without a hole, thoses gases become trapped and your fish are at risk of mortality.

In addition to designing and installing aeration to overwinter fish, our staff will measure dissolved oxygen throughout the winter and summer months to ensure the oxygen levels are adequate to keep the fish healthy and stress-free. Our staff will also monitor water quality as it directly correlates to fish health, which is essential for fishery productivity.

Community Swimming Ponds and Beaches

Communtiy swimming ponds and beaches are often a focal point for swimming and recreation, and they attract visitors from all around. These ponds don’t need nearly as much maintenance as a traditional pool and they cost less to operate. Another appealing feature of swimming ponds is the chemical-free water. This is a great alternative for swimmers as it eliminates the irritation that comes from chlorine.

Instead, our water quality solution combines water aeration, filtration, and beneficial bacteria treatments. The treatments are 100% natural, meaning animals and fish can drink the water and not be harmed. The chemical-free water is a great alternative for swimmers who want a change from the traditional pool.

Our team has extensive experience designing, remediating, and managing community swim and campground ponds. We offer on-site consultations where our water experts assess your pond, and with the data collected, we can provide you with a management program that you can implement yourself or hire us to do it for you. If you follow our recommended plan and treat the pond yourself, we will continue communicating with you to guide you through the process, ensuring a positive outcome.

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