Dugout ponds face various issues depending on temperature changes, the amount of rainfall, and other seasonal factors. The most common issues are murky water, odorous smell, excessive weed growth, and algae blooms. There are all-natural and environmentally friendly water treatment solutions to remediate your pond and keep its water healthy.

Aeration Design, Installation, and Maintenance

Clean Water Pro designs, installs, and maintains water aeration systems. Fine bubble subsurface aeration is the most recommended as it has a high oxygen transfer. It is very energy-efficient and costs very little to operate. In a non-aerated dugout, the bottom is in an anoxic state. Organics like leaves, twigs, aquatic weeds, and algae fall to the bottom and begin to slowly decompose. As they decompose, they produce hydrogen sulfide, which creates that rotten egg smell that you may notice by a pond.

Water Quality Testing

Scientifically analyzing water samples provides us with a clear picture of your water body’s quality and the insights to determine exactly what’s needed to remediate the body of water for optimal health.

Clean Water Pro’s water quality testing services examine essential factors in the health of your lake or pond. Typical elements include dissolved oxygen, temperature, pH, alkalinity/hardness, and nutrient load. Our more comprehensive tests analyse phytoplankton/zooplankton populations and muck accumulations. Assessing these elements gives us the information necessary to create a water treatment plan that manages excessive nutrients and will limit the negative impacts of nutrients.

Looking at the changes that occur over a long period provides us with more in-depth knowledge of water bodies, as every pond or lake is unique. When we establish a baseline, it helps us accurately predict when further interventions are necessary. Major remediation efforts can be avoided by taking early action.

Custom Treatment Plans

Our diverse water management services help you create, improve, and maintain your favourite body of water.

We offer on-site consultations where our water experts assess your pond, and with the data collected, we can provide you with a custom treatment plan that you can implement yourself or hire us to do it for you. Our Pond Management program includes minimizing algae and aquatic weeds, pond design consultation, trout fishpond management, koi pond management, designing and installing aeration systems, floating fountain sales and service, and bathymetry mapping.

Fish Habitat Consultation

Clean Water Pro conducts fish habitat assessments to determine what species of fish can best thrive based on their structure and food source. This includes bathymetric mapping, aquatic identification, riparian, invertebrates, and water chemistry. Each species of fish has specific requirements not only to survive but also grow and reproduce. Our team of fish experts will assess your current fish habitat situation with a list of detailed recommendations. Having suitable types and amounts of habitat is one of the most crucial components of establishing a great fishery.

Water Quality Remediation

Get in touch with Clean Water Pro; we know the secrets to affordable, effective water quality remediation. Our water experts manage everything from algal blooms on ponds to riparian zone restoration. We’ll discuss the current symptoms of your pond and what options you have at your disposal.

Full-Service Dugout Pond Management

Full-service dugout pond management includes an evaluation of the pond, all necessary water assessments to understand the composition of the retention pond, a customized treatment plan, water treatments applied by our field staff, and comprehensive physical and chemical reports so you know exactly what stage the pond is in.

Our water experts would love to come out to your dugout pond and take complete care of it. Our experts take pride in transforming stagnant and unsightly dugout ponds into beautiful, aesthetically pleasing oases for homeowners to enjoy. The team can also improve the water quality of dugout farm ponds that are used for homes or irrigation.

Expected Outcomes


Improved water quality


Decreased algae


Decreased duckweed


Decreased aquatic growth


Decreased erosion


Reduced odour


Reduced muck


Improved biodiversity and ecosystem


Improved water clarity


Enhanced riparian zone


Healthier and safer water


Visually appealing


Naturally deter geese


Positive environmental impact — healthier water leaving the system

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