Are you responsible for the aquatic management of your city’s retention pond?

Have you struggled to keep the water clean and clear while facing numerous homeowner complaints? 

Many municipalities and communities have multiple ponds within their developments that require regular maintenance. Each pond, however, is unique, and even those close to each other can have vastly different issues.

Properly assessing and managing these ponds demands both time and expertise. Clean Water Pro offers tailored management solutions for each pond, ensuring the best outcomes.

Let’s explore how we can become your trusted Storm Retention Pond Management partner!

Custom Aeration Design, Installation, and Maintenance

At Clean Water Pro, we specialize in designing, installing, and maintaining advanced water aeration systems. Our most recommended solution is fine bubble subsurface aeration, known for its high oxygen transfer efficiency. This method is not only energy-efficient but also cost-effective to operate.

In non-aerated ponds, the bottom often becomes anoxic, leading to the slow decomposition of organic matter like leaves, twigs, aquatic weeds, and algae.

This process produces hydrogen sulfide, which causes the unpleasant “rotten egg” smell often associated with ponds. Our aeration systems effectively prevent this, promoting a healthier and odour-free aquatic environment.

Custom Treatment Plans

At Clean Water Pro, we offer thorough on-site consultations to assess the specific needs of your storm retention pond. During these consultations, our water experts conduct a detailed evaluation, collecting essential data on the pond’s current condition and any unique challenges it may present. Based on this assessment, we develop a tailored management program to address the identified issues. This program is flexible: you can choose to implement it yourself or hire our experienced team to handle it for you.

If you decide to follow our recommended plan independently, our support doesn’t end there. We will maintain regular communication to guide you through each step of the process, offering expert advice and adjustments as needed. Our goal is to ensure that you achieve a positive outcome, whether you manage the pond independently or with our direct assistance. With Clean Water Pro, you can trust that your storm retention pond will receive the best care and management, resulting in a healthier and more efficient system.

Water Quality Testing

To truly understand a pond or lake, it is essential to conduct comprehensive water analyses to determine the water body’s condition accurately. Our water experts will collect and analyze samples from several sites in and around the water body to reveal the mysteries within the pond or lake.

Regular water quality testing is a critical part of our maintenance programs. One-time testing doesn’t provide a big picture of what is happening in the pond or lake. Looking at the changes that occur over a long period provides us with more in-depth knowledge of water bodies, as every pond or lake is unique.

Our water quality testing includes a water chemistry profile, algae identification,   contamination, and more! 

Baseline Assessments

The key to effective management is understanding what is happening in the water. To achieve this, we offer detailed water testing services that provide immediate feedback on the current water composition, helping us identify the root cause of any issues.

Baseline Water Assessments include a water chemistry profile, algae identification, swimmer’s itch contamination, aquatic weed identification & Muck analysis and blue-green algae identification.

This knowledge enables us to develop precise, effective management plans tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to improve water quality, address specific issues, or maintain a healthy aquatic environment, Clean Water Pro has the expertise and resources to help you achieve your goals.

Algae Management

Clean Water Pro offers comprehensive ongoing maintenance and emergency interventions for all types of algae issues. Our team of water experts employs the most effective and environmentally safe treatment options to restore your pond to a healthy and usable state. We utilize physical controls such as diffused aeration and the application of beneficial bacteria to tackle excess algae and modify water conditions. These techniques physically reduce algae levels and create an environment less conducive to future growth.

Our approach doesn’t stop with immediate containment; we also implement additional controls to ensure long-term water quality management. By combining these methods, we address the root causes of algae problems and prevent their recurrence. This holistic strategy guarantees that your pond remains in optimal condition, free from the issues that have previously plagued it. With Clean Water Pro, you can trust that your water body will be managed with the utmost care and expertise, ensuring a sustainable and healthy aquatic environment.

Water Quality Remediation

Homeowners living near these ponds often express frustration with the unsightly appearance and unpleasant odors that arise, particularly during the summer months. These challenges can lead to dissatisfaction and complaints, impacting the overall community experience.

At Clean Water Pro, our water experts bring over 14 years of experience in successfully assessing, recommending, and maintaining storm retention ponds in Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba. We have handled a wide range of issues, from managing algal blooms in retention ponds to implementing sludge reduction treatments in wastewater lagoons.

Our comprehensive approach to pond management involves tailored strategies for each pond to address its unique conditions and challenges. We ensure that every pond we manage achieves the desired outcomes, transforming problematic water bodies into clean, clear, and aesthetically pleasing features of your community.

Contact us today to discover how we can enhance the aquatic environment of your community’s retention ponds.

Full-Service Storm Retention Pond Management

Every pond differs. Although some ponds might be in the same area or in proximity to each other, the concerns in each can be considerably different. Even aerated ponds require varying amounts of beneficial bacteria and water treatments.

Full-service storm retention pond management includes an evaluation of the pond, all necessary water assessments to understand its composition, a customized treatment plan, water treatments applied by our field staff, and comprehensive physical and chemical reports so you know exactly what stage the pond is in.

Our water experts will perform each service and assessment every step of the way. Our full-service storm retention pond management also offers custom aeration design, installation, and maintenance.

We’ll ensure that your water aeration system is running efficiently and effectively, making the most of your investment. This gold-standard service exceeds expectations in a timely matter!

Expected Outcomes


Improved water quality


Decreased algae


Decreased duckweed


Decreased aquatic growth


Decreased erosion


Reduced odour


Reduced muck


Improved biodiversity and ecosystem


Enhanced riparian zone


Healthier and safer water


Visually appealing


Naturally deter geese


Positive environmental impact — healthier water leaving the system

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