What is a Natural Swimming Pond?

Aside from adding beauty to your outdoor space, natural swim ponds function as your conventional pool without using pumps, filters or chemicals. The main goal of a natural swimming pond is to maintain a balanced ecosystem that naturally promotes healthy, clean water.

Why have a natural swimming pond? Aside from being beyond stunning due to their beauty, there are many other reasons to build a natural swimming pond. Below we will review the six reasons to create a natural swim pond.

No Harmful Chemicals

We all know the feeling of leaving a chlorine pool and having tight, dry skin as soon as you dry off. Luckily, chemicals are a thing of the past when you have a natural swimming pond.

Natural swim ponds rely on a balanced ecosystem to stay clean. No harmful chemicals mean no danger or harm to the surrounding ecosystem, unlike the exposure risk to the surrounding environment with a traditional chlorine pool. When using your natural swim pond, you take no such risks.

This style of swimming area is called a natural swimming pond for a reason, it’s natural. Due to its design and natural treatment options, the pond will be a healthy environment for all living organisms in and around the pond.

Flexible Design

You have complete creativity when designing and building your natural swim pond. You can decide how small or large your natural pond will be and which pond style will suit your lot size and budget.

The options are endless. You can choose to have waterfalls, rivers and even an island; any feature you want to add is up to you. However, the treatment plan necessary to keep your swimming pond’s water healthy will depend on the design of your pond.

Unlike a conventional pool, you have complete freedom in your design and size when making a natural swim pond. When designing your natural swim pond, there are two things to remember to save you future headaches: size and depth. Deeper water is much easier to maintain than shallow water! It is ok to have an entry point with a beach and a more shallow area, especially if children use the pond.

The slopes on the pond should initially have a max incline of 5:1 to prevent slumping of the banks. The hill will also allow swimmers to exit the pond more easily, especially if they get into trouble in the pond.

A Swimming Pond Costs Less to Maintain

While the initial installation cost of a natural swimming pond may be comparable to that of a traditional pool, the long-term operational costs can be significantly lower. There are no ongoing expenses for chemicals or extensive energy usage for pumps and filters.

A natural swimming pond will cost you much less than a chlorinated pool, which is much healthier for the environment. You may be used to hearing about hundreds of dollars spent maintaining a conventional pool; however, a natural swim pond relies on beneficial bacteria and aeration to keep it clean and healthy.

Traditional pools have complex systems with multiple mechanical components that require regular maintenance, servicing, and potential repairs. These maintenance tasks can be time-consuming and costly. In contrast, natural swimming ponds have simpler designs and fewer mechanical parts, resulting in lower maintenance requirements and associated costs.

Setting it up right from the beginning will save you money and problems.

A Swimming Pond Is Easy to Maintain

A properly constructed natural swimming pond is incredibly easy to maintain. Let the natural, balanced ecosystem filtering your pond do all the work while you sit back and enjoy all your natural swimming pond has to offer.

Aeration is key in promoting clean, clear, healthy water! Fine bubble aeration is the most economical and energy-efficient system on the market. We highly recommend electric or solar aeration over windmill options due to their longevity and quality output.

If proactively treated with CWP Pond Cleaner, CWP Phosphorous Binder, CWP Muck Remover tabs and CWP Pond Dye from the beginning, most ponds will only require a moderate amount of beneficial bacteria to keep the water clear and healthy. Add the beneficial bacteria on a biweekly basis throughout the summer months. If you need help determining treatments and dosages for your pond, feel free to contact our water specialist anytime, as we are happy to help you.

It’s Not Necessary to Drain & Fill

One of the great benefits of having a natural swimming pond is its versatility in all seasons. Unlike a chlorinated pool, which you must drain before the cold weather arrives, a natural swimming pond does not need to be filled or emptied.

The water will freeze during the Winter, and you can use it as a skating rink (unless you run the aeration over the Winter). Not only does this provide you with fun winter activities, but it also creates another unique feature for your outdoor area.

A Unique and Beautiful Backyard Feature

There is something extremely blissful and beautiful about a natural swimming pond. With design flexibility, you have the freedom to create the oasis of your dreams in your backyard!

Create an idyllic backyard and set yourself apart from the traditional with a natural swimming pond. A natural swimming pond adds movement, colour and biodiversity to your space.

Due to it being completely natural, it will seamlessly and harmoniously blend into the surrounding area of your outdoor space.

Is a Natural Swim Pond for You?

There are many options when choosing the design and details of your outdoor space. For some, adding a natural swim pond creates the exact impression they’re looking for while adding recreation and relaxation simultaneously.

There are overflowing benefits to a natural swimming pond that you should consider when deciding on your backyard aesthetic and overall design. Take your time and create something that you truly love.

If you need help designing your swimming pond or require a custom treatment plan, please email us at ​​[email protected], and one of our water experts will contact you! You can also conveniently schedule your appointment online here. If you’re looking for water treatments, pond tools, or water garden decor, visit our sister company at pondsupply.ca and browse the catalogue of pond supplies!

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