The Problem | Stagnant Water | Water Quality And Algal Blooms

This pond owner worried their water garden wouldn’t be salvageable. Our team at Clean Water Pro assured them that we could transform their waterbody into a beautiful pond with the proper assessment and water treatment solution.

The pond was a small backyard water garden, roughly 15ft x 25ft and 2.5 ft in depth. The client used a rubber pond liner to build their pond. However, the pond was constructed without a skimmer or waterfall, so there was little water flow.

The lack of water flow caused the water to become stagnant, which was the primary problem. Stagnant water has much lower dissolved oxygen levels than aerated water. Standing water is the perfect environment to thrive for unsightly algae and other aquatic plants. The client was struggling with both algal blooms and murky water.

We needed to increase dissolved oxygen levels within the pond to break down organics and nutrients that algae feed off.

The Solution | Pond Aerator Installation | Beneficial Bacteria Treatments

It was essential to strategically design and install a pond aerator to increase the dissolved oxygen levels within the pond. Pond aerators are a type of water aeration that operates within water gardens or small to medium-sized ponds.

Our team always prefers fine-bubble sub-surface water aeration because of their effectiveness, low cost, and minimal noise. Other options, like coarse-bubble water aeration, don’t increase dissolved oxygen as effectively and cost more to operate.

We also took physical and chemical water tests to establish the baseline composition of the pond. Having a baseline helped track our progress and gave valuable information about the pond at a microscopic level. These water tests offer insights into how the water aeration affects the dissolved oxygen, what lives within the pond, and how the beneficial bacteria is improving the pond.

A Happy Pond Owner

Ever since implementing our water treatment solution, the pond has not only become pristine but has flourished. There are lilypads successfully growing on the pond, a stark difference from what was once algae covered.

The algae bloom had completely cleared up and won’t be coming back. Our team installed the pond aerator, and a combination of a beneficial bacteria treatment plan has kept this pond clean, clear, and top-quality water health. Our water experts manage this pond weekly. This healthy pond improves the biodiversity around it, leading to frequent deer and other wildlife visits.

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"Our backyard pond is 5 years old - 15x25 ft., rimmed with beautiful platings & rocks. No fish. 3 years ago, the pond developed an algae problem that became so unsightly & totally unmanageable that we seriously contemplated closing it permanently. Seeking advice from Clean Water Pro, Lynne assessed the situation & gave assurance the pond was salvageable. A plan was developed that included environmentally friendly products, aerators, and a fountain. During the summer, Lynne’s friendly, knowledgeable staff made weekly visits to monitor & adjust water quality, restoring the visual appeal of our pond & once again attracting frogs, birds, and deer. 5-star rating!

Tom & Susan | Carman, MB

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