The Problem | Algal Blooms | High Nutrient Loads

This client has natural ponds that were originally a low marshy area and dug out with a backhoe about 30 years ago that filled with water over time. When we first assessed their water, the client’s pond’s health had declined over the past several years. The ponds were surrounded by trees, some cattails, and other aquatic plants.

Because of this, layers of leaves and decaying plant growth accumulated along the bottom. This caused the ponds to suffer from high nutrient loads that were entering the ponds. These high nutrient loads helped feed and create algal blooms. There was also a red tint in the water, likely due to the decaying leaves and organics in the pond.

Our goal was to offer a customized water treatment solution unique to their expected outcomes and budget. Upon a thorough assessment, we were able to do just that.

The Solution | Solar Powered Water Aeration | Beneficial Bacteria Treatments

From our assessment, we tested the dissolved oxygen levels of the pond. These ponds suffered from poor amounts of dissolved oxygen in the water, so we concluded that these ponds needed fine-bubble water aeration. The increased dissolved oxygen level would help reduce the nutrient loads that feed algae, muck, and other aquatic plants. However, the ponds were located significantly from the nearest power source. Because of this, the best option was to design a solar water aeration system.

We could still install our most popular aeration system, even though the power source was slightly different from the standard system. Our team installed a solar panel and battery to aerate the ponds into the nighttime hours. This proved to be highly effective.

Ever since the solar-powered water aeration system was installed, our client praises how easy the system is to maintain and operate. The installed pond aerator has not only helped remove algae but has promoted clear and healthy water. It only took one water aeration system to aerate both of the small ponds, which were on either side of the road.

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