The Problem | Algal Blooms | Farm Runoff

This residential client wanted to transform their dugout pond into an oasis for swimming and recreational activities. Our team was excited to help turn the dugout pond into something beautiful for the client.

However, the dugout was located on a farm beside an open field. This indicated that surface runoff was entering the water, which led to worsening water quality conditions. Our team took water samples to see exactly what was happening in the pond.

Once receiving the results from our lab, it was determined that the water quality was poor, and there was blue-green algae in the water. We recommended that the pond needed a water aeration system.

Adding a pond aerator would increase the dissolved oxygen levels within the dugout pond. We also provided a beneficial bacteria treatment plan to achieve optimal results.

The Solution | Fine-Bubble Water Aeration | Beneficial Bacteria Treatments

The pond owner hired us to install the water aeration system. This was the first step in turning this water body around. The next step was applying beneficial bacteria treatments following the treatment plan.

Our team was hired to follow the treatment plan for the first year. Since then, this client has taken over applying the treatments.

We still offer our expert advice and customer service. Should any issues arise, our client knows they can come to Clean Water Pro for a solution.

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