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In 2014 and 2015, the homeowners of Lorette, Manitoba were unhappy about the state of three of their ponds. Excessive algae growth and a foul odour in late summer displeased residents enough to initiate change. In early 2016, Andy Brandt, Public Works Manager for the Municipality of Taché, contacted Clean Water Pro for an opinion on the matter. On our recommendation, the municipality replaced fountain sprinklers in each of the three ponds with compressors and diffusion plates. Ponds were also treated with bacteria and a pond dye. After more than 18 months, all the ponds were in much better shape.

“The results are impressive,” said Andy.



Algae growth virtually disappeared, and there was no late-summer odour problem. Andy stated he was particularly impressed with the north pond. “It’s the first pond to receive water of the three and was in the worst shape. It looks like a completely different pond.”

In our follow-up assessment conducted in the fall of 2017, we recommended residents not to remove the bulrushes but instead keep them. We also recommended residents stop mowing near the pond and leave a buffer zone between their lawn and where the water hits their property. In 2017, more than 300 feet of willows were planted in a portion of the banks to stop them from crumbling into the water.

Andy said the attitude of the residents has completely changed since 2015. “They are now more aware of the techniques they need to employ to make the pond’s ecosystem healthier. With Clean Water Pro’s help, we have been able to educate ourselves with the practices that will maintain the health of our pond’s ecosystem.”

“The only thing left to complain about now is the excessive amount of frogs. And that’s not worth complaining about, because that’s telling us our ponds are healthy again.”

- Andy Brandt

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