RM of Pipestone | Reston Lake | Community Swimming Pond & Beach

We worked with The RM of Pipestone to design a water aeration system and create a tailored treatment plan. Created by dredging, shaping, and lining an existing slough with sand, the pond underwent our thorough treatment and aeration processes. In August 2019, The RM of Pipestone took proactive steps by engaging our team to install the water aeration system for their eagerly anticipated natural swimming pond. 

Since then, the town has demonstrated remarkable dedication in maintaining the cleanliness and clarity of the pond. Their treatment plan involves regular addition of safe, beneficial bacteria to prevent the formation of muck and algae in the lake. This approach ensures the well-being of fish, wildlife, and humans alike!

The Reston community and its neighbouring area now have a fantastic gathering spot for swimming and enjoying the sun. Thanks to these efforts, it has transformed into a thriving hub, bringing people together and fostering community connections.



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