Fine-bubble Lake Aeration Installation | Fish Habitat Management

Clean Water Pro was hired by the Pembina Valley Watershed District to help improve Mary Jane Reservoir, a long time favoured destination of avid anglers from across the Manitoba.

This fisheries lake was looking to upgrade its water aeration system. They had an existing coarse-bubble aeration system, which was antiquated and required replacement.

Clean Water Pro was hired to install a fine-bubble water aeration system, which is more effective at increasing dissolved oxygen levels, has low maintenance costs, and uses less energy to operate than the existing system. The cost to operate this system 24/7 is approximately $60 per month.

This type of water aeration is a modular system that can easily be expanded if necessary. The modular design also protects the system from complete failure. If a compressor goes down, the others will remain in operation. Additionally, the system is designed to restart itself on its own if there is a power outage. A perfect water aeration system for a lake that’s 30-35 feet deep.

Our team determined that six diffuser plates would be installed to replace the existing water aeration system. The new fine-bubble water aeration improves fish health and the overall ecosystem. The system delivers excellent oxygen transfer and provides good mixing of the lake from top to bottom.

Dissolved oxygen tests showed excellent lateral mixing and little to no thermocline. These water aerators also maintain approximately an acre of open water during winter. This is a key feature for overwintering fish.

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