What Are Aquatic Pond Weeds?

Aquatic pond weeds are plants that grow in water bodies such as ponds, lakes, and rivers. They can be beneficial for providing habitat and food for aquatic wildlife but can also become a nuisance if they grow out of control. They can also pose a danger to swimmers and boaters and potentially clog up fountain motors and pump intakes.

There are different types of aquatic pond weeds, including submerged, emergent, and floating-leaved varieties. Submerged weeds grow entirely under the water, while emergent weeds grow with some portion of the plant above the water’s surface. Floating-leaved weeds, as the name implies, have leaves that float on the water’s surface.

Submerged Weeds

Why do Weeds Grow in Ponds and Lakes?

Weeds are a necessary component of the ecosystem. They are food and create a habitat for fish, invertebrates, and other aquatic species. However, there are times when they are undesirable, especially in areas where you would like to swim. Submerged aquatic weeds typically grow in shallower water but can also be found in water 10- 20 feet deep. Shallower water allows the sunlight to penetrate the bottom spurring the growth.

Let’s get to the root cause of weeds! When organic debris and growth occur in the pond, it eventually reaches the bottom of the pond or lake. Once there, it decomposes slowly (especially if it is anoxic) and creates Muck. The weeds love muck because it is the perfect root bed for them to grow in! If we can reduce the muck, we will reduce the aquatic weeds.

What Water Treatment Should You Use To Control Aquatic Weeds?

Water Aeration

Water Aeration is critical for water health and duckweed control. Fine bubble aeration is the most efficient in increasing dissolved oxygen from top to bottom. The aeration plates we use entrain water from the very bottom of the water body, which is essential. Why is dissolved oxygen needed at the bottom? It speeds up the natural processes in the water and provides vital oxygen to the life in the pond. It sparks the beneficial aerobic bacteria to get it working, promoting increased digestion of the water’s muck and nutrients. This is one piece big piece of the puzzle!

Lake Series Aeration System

Clean Water Pro Pond Cleaner

Clean Water Pro Pond Cleaner is a beneficial bacteria that comes in a wettable soluble packet that works from the top of the water column down to the bottom. It promotes clarity and reduces the nutrients and organics in the water column, which essentially starves the algae & aquatic weeds. It is safe for pets, people and fish! The wettable soluble packet is easy to apply as you toss it into the water.

Clean Water Pro Pond Cleaner

Clean Water Pro Muck Remover

Clean Water Pro Muck Remover is a pelleted form of bacteria that sinks to the bottom to eat muck/sludge. The muck accumulation at the bottom will only increase if not treated. This is where the aquatic weed’s roots grow, and nutrients are released in the water that spurs the vegetative growth. When you reduce the muck, it will help you get a handle on controlling the duckweed, submerged weeds, and algae.

Clean Water Pro Muck Remover

Clean Water Pro Pond Dye

Pond Dye is an excellent tool as it is useful in shading the pond from the sun’s UV, which helps slow the growth of the aquatic weeds and algae submerged in the pond/lake. It is a food-grade product that degrades after about 4-6 weeks in the water and needs reapplication. Blue is the most efficient in blocking the sun’s UV.

Clean Water Pro Ocean Blue Pond & Lake Dye

Clean Water Pro Phosphate Binder

Clean Water Pro Phosphate Binder has micro-nutrients that boost the bacteria’s performance and, more importantly, bind the phosphorous. Phosphorous is notorious for feeding algal growth.

Clean Water Pro Phosphate Binder

Muck Razer

Muck Razer moves sediment and gets oxygen in the bottom of the pond or lake. The Jenlis Muck Razer requires no electrical power and will reduce pond muck and dig out the roots of aquatic weeds to give you a clean swimming and boating area. This versatile tool is designed for use underwater and along the shoreline.

Jenlis Muck Razer


AquaSweep is a pump designed to blow the muck at the bottom of the lake, which lifts it into the water column and moves it away from the targeted area.

Deck Mounted Aquasweep

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