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Managing the Sludge in Your Sewage Lagoons can Save Thousands of Dollars!

Why should people in rural municipalities be concerned about the sludge levels in their sewage lagoons? Many towns have simply outgrown the capacity of their current sewage lagoon. Unfortunately, excessively high levels of sludge make […]

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Could Your Favourite Water Body Be A Lot More Pleasant to Be Around? Smell Better? Look Better?

Sounds like you may be aware of a stagnating water body nearby. Stagnating water bodies are characterized by the presence of algae & aquatic weed growth and noticeable muck levels at and near the shoreline. […]

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The Fallacy of the Floating Fountain

You may be surprised to learn the beautiful floating fountain you just purchased will not make your water body beautiful again. Do you want to love your favorite water body again? FACT: Stagnating or deteriorating […]

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Dissolved Oxygen (DO) is the Most Important Thing You Need to Know

Attention: Lakeshore cottage committees, neighbours of retention ponds, and more: Dissolved Oxygen (DO) is the most important thing you need to know if you want to love your waterbody again. Did you know the dissolved […]

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Diagnosing Issues with Your Pond or Dug Out

Diagnosing Issues Early in Your Favorite Lake or Pond Can Save Time, Money and a Lot of Grief! Did you know there are a few simple things you can do to make a preliminary assessment […]

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The Health Risks Associated with Stagnating Water in Your Backyard or Municipality

Do you live near a pond or dugout of stagnating water? Do you realize stagnating water is in the process of losing dissolved oxygen and its ability to be a life source for all surrounding […]

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